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Friday, October 11, 2013

Black & White - Keep it simple and beautiful

In this post I will present you one of my drawings made ​​on the wall. Through out these king of creations, you can creatively transform a plain wall into a small work of art, that will give the room different ambient.

The drawing itself can contain different motifs, in this case there are different forms of flowers embedded in the composition. For this particular drawing, acrylic colors are used (black and white). All the flower forms are hand made and it takes time to create such an art.


  1. Познат ми е цртежов од негде.....

  2. Vojislav Stanojevikj, па ако не ти е тебе познат, незнам на кого треба да му биде... :))

    October Graves, конечно нели.. :) thanks :)

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